Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Warren. The Big Brother.

Warren takes his role as big brother very seriously. Warren also doesn't understand how much bigger he is than his little brother so he ends up being pretty overbearing... Let me show you what I mean...

Lucas is starting to catch on to the whole idea of "self defense". Warren kinda freaks the poor kid out, so now that Lucas is beginning to figure out that he can control the movement of his extremities, he does his best to push Warren out of his face. Warren just doesn't understand the concept of personal space yet, so he likes to get right up in Lucas' face, and Lucas isn't as enthusiastic about that. haha. However, they are getting to the point where they sometimes interact peacefully. Warren loooooves to make Lucas laugh, so every once and a while I catch them laughing together and it gives me hope that one day they'll actually be best friends. haha. In the meantime, I will continue to fulfill the role as baby bodyguard. :P

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